Just your average always laughing, goofy-loving mama photog.

Hey there! I'm magaly.

I am a coffee lover, outdoor enthusiast, and a beginner gardener.

It takes me a bit to warm up to new people so it might seem awkward at first but I will be talking your ears off during your session. I make sure to create a comfortable environment so you can be yourself. I will always have ideas during your session and will keep you interacting as if you were on a date. You'll forget I'm even there, besides me encouraging you. 

I work on getting to know you two and the feeling you want your session to have. Want your session to feel like a movie a certain song? Let's work together to capture just that. 

My Approach

I'm a ninja -I'm Everywhere

I strive to be discreet and fast. In order to capture all the in-between moments, the moments with your family, and the laughs, I move enough to capture everything. My main goal is to capture all of the important moments of the day without being intrusive or distracting I blend in with the crowd, move around quietly, and capture those perfect shots without anyone even realizing I'm there.

The editing

As a wedding photographer, it's important to create warm, intimate, fun, and colorful photos that capture the essence of the couple and their wedding day. Warm and intimate photos evoke a sense of closeness and romance, capturing the love and affection between couples. Fun photos capture the joy and excitement of the celebration, showcasing the couple's personalities and the energy of the day. Colorful photos enhance the beauty and vibrancy of the wedding, adding a sense of whimsy and creativity to the images. 

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