Magaly Barajas Photography

I’m Magaly (pronounced ma-ga-lee).

I am coffee lover although only for the taste; it does nothing to keep me awake. I love to sing till I can’t sing no more and I have binged watch way too many shows on Netflix. I go through many phases in music and many times listen to music through the decades. I don’t quite know of most of the artists and songs that are out there today. Apparently I live under a rock lol.

Outside of photography, I am hanging out with my little family (my daughter,  boyfriend and three dogs). During fall and spring, I love to hike with them and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see their cute little happy faces a bit more. 


| I absolutely love hiking 
| I like to binge watch the office 
| I love listening to 80's music while driving to weddings to get more pumped
| I freaking LOVE spicy food 

Random Facts