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Yup, you read that right. I aim to capture every moment at your wedding. The moments between you two. The moments between you, your family and friends. All of that is important.  You spent months planning your wedding so I want to capture everything that makes your wedding yours! Every time  you look at your wedding images I want you to feel your love for each other and how much fun your wedding was. 

Your wedding is going to be popping, so why not get photos that are going to reflect that. My editing style reflects how awesome your wedding is going to be. You chose the colors so why not see them pop when you get them. Idk about you but seeing all them colors makes me smile and I hope they make you smile as well. 

I am all about transparency. I want you to know exactly what you are getting throughout the whole process. From the prices to the experience you'll be getting. If I was in your shoes, I would want the same thing. 

sneak Peeks

You'll get about 10-15 images within 24 hours of your wedding so you can post them and because I know you're going to be so excited and happy and you're going to want to show the world you're married!!


You're going to be surprised on how fast you will receive your emails/ text messages. I reply within an hour because I don't want you be waiting. PS. Text messages are faster than emails since I can use my apple watch to reply. 

A friend

I want to feel as if you were talking or hanging out with a friend. This is why I ask you for your instagram. I get to follow you, reply to your posts and get to know you just like you will get to know me. Engagement sessions are also a great way to hang out and just have some fun together.  I want to be comfortable for your whole experience. 

This is what you'll get from me

Booking Process

You'll inquire and tell me all about your vision and figure out what package best is for you. 

We set up a time to video chat so you can get all your questions answered

You sign the contract and pay the 40% retainer and viola, your wedding day is officially reserved!

from time to time, i will be emailing you to follow up and get updated on your wedding. 






If you have an engagement session in your package, We get to meet and hang!


yoU'LL get married!! I will send you sneak peeks within 24 hours. Your photos will be delivered within 4-6 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book you for my wedding?

As soon as possible. If you have chosen your wedding date  and have your venue locked down, I recommend booking. 

Do you have a backup process?

Yes I do. I back up your images to three different hardrives and I don't delete the photos from my memory cards till I send your wedding gallery. I will have the jpgs for about 3 years so if for some reason something happened to the ones you downloaded, just message me and I will send them to you.

Do you use flash?

Yes I do. I have two flashes in case one of them stops working. I start using flash when the lighting situation is not ideal. I want you to get beautiful images without so much grain. If you want grain and not so much flash,  let me know and I will shoot to your preference. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes.  After you pay the retainer, I split the remaining payment to monthly payments that will work best for you. Just let me know if you would like to be on a payment plan. 

Will we be getting black and white images?

Heck yes!! I give you so many black and white images that I think will look great in b&w. If there are any images that I didn't give you in black and white, I will be happy to  give you that version. 

"We had an amazing experience with Magaly. Not only did we have a really good time with her, she gave us moments to interact together like we haven't in a while. She also gave Brian the confidence to be in front of the camera once again. We love the pictures! We would gladly want more experiences with her in the future! She is very professional and quick in communication, she answers any questions and we got to choose our photos and she edited them very fast and they came out amazing! We love how she focuses on capturing true love on camera!!"
-Melissa + Brian

Client Testimonial

"She  gave us moments to interact together like we haven't in a while"

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