Magaly Barajas Photography

This was my first time shooting an engagement session in Ranchos Palos Verdes and now I want to go back. When I was looking up locations in this area, there was a good amount to pick from.

Palos Verdes Engagement || Vanessa + Marcelo

rancho palos verdes engagement session

Ashley and Chris had an intimate backyard wedding in San Diego and it was amazing. If you’re thinking of having a backyard wedding, check this out.

San Diego Wedding |Chris + Ashley

san diego wedding

Chelsey and Walter got married at Riverbed Farm in Anaheim, CA which is a beautiful place to photograph. I knew their wedding was going to blow me away.

Riverbed Farm Wedding | Chelsey + Walter

This wedding was so amazing and definitely one of my favorites. There are so many things to say about this dream intimate wedding. I’ll start with this dream location. The location was in Mammoth! MAMMOTH! Mammoth during fall is a sight since the leaves start turning yellow. The exact location of the ceremony was  Twin […]

Mammoth Intimate Wedding | Cheyna + Torrey

Mammoth Wedding

During spring, the fields in California turn green and it looks like Ireland. I had this Los Angeles couple session here and I am in love.

Los Angeles Couple Session | Jon + Tam

los angeles couple session

A fun engagement shoot with the one of the coolest and fun couple I have ever photographed. We explored a park in Los Angeles and it was so beautiful.

Los Angeles Engagement | Cheyna + Torrey

los angeles engagement