The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Are you in the beginning phases of planning your wedding? Not sure what questions you should ask potential wedding photographers? Don’t worry, I got you. If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I wouldn’t know what to ask or where to begin. I have created this list of 20 questions to ask your wedding photographer to discuss during your consultation.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

My recommendation is look over their website or pricing guide to see if they answer any of these questions. It will save you some time. I hope this list of helps you narrow down the ones you truly want to ask.

1. Can I see a full wedding gallery?

This is a must. It’s truly important that you see how your wedding photographer shoots different parts of the day and different lighting conditions. Ask if you can see a few wedding galleries. You will get a better feel of how they capture weddings.  

My answer: I always send full galleries to potential clients. In fact, once you inquire, you will be sent a page that will have two wedding galleries and one full engagement session gallery to look at while you wait for my reply.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

2. Do I need a second shooter?

Second shooters are perfect if you are having a big wedding or if you want more photos of your guests or different angles. Generally, they also help make the timeline easier.

My answer: Yes and no. If your wedding is over 100, have different getting ready locations or you just want more candids, I would recommend it. Otherwise, I usually capture the moments a second photographer would. I like to move around often to capture different angles and different people.

3. Can I add more hours?

Some wedding photographers won’t let you add more hours so be sure to ask your wedding photographer this question. While others have an hourly rate.

My answer: You can always add more hours to your package. When I work on the timeline with you, I add buffer time in case the wedding is behind schedule. I try to fit everything in the time I am there so you don’t have to add more hours if you don’t want to but weddings are always unpredictable so I have the option to add more hours. 

4. How many pictures will I get?

Photographers have a minimum amount they give you for each hour they are there. Some give you more and some will stick with the amount they give you. Quality vs quantity.
My answer: I give 65 images an hour. In addition, I like to give the B&W version of a handful of images.

5. Do you have backup gear?

Gear is important mostly because you need to know if they have extra gear in case one of their cameras stops working. Most professional photographers carry around two camera bodies for that exact reason. This goes the same for memory cards, flashes, and lenses. 

My answer: I take two camera bodies, four lenses, 6-7 batteries, 2 speedlights, and about 8 memory cards. It’s very important to have extra equipment just in case something happens.

6. What’s your backup process?

Similar to having a backup process during the wedding. It is important to learn how your potential photographer backs up the images of each wedding. 

My answer: I truly think having a backup process is important. which is why I have three hard drives. After I photograph a wedding, I import the photos to my hardrives and do not delete the images on my memory cards. At each wedding I have 2 cards inserted to each of my cameras.

7. Can we give you a shot list?

Shot lists are helpful to see the vibe you want. Please note photographers are not going to make sure your photos look exactly like those images or pinterest board you send them. They just want to see the vibe you want whether it be romantic or fun and playful. (This is only if it goes with their style and they already do it)

My answer: I am more than happy to look at your shot list. They help me get a feel of the vibe you want. It’s your wedding and it’s truly important for me to capture it the way you want to remember it.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

8. What is your booking process?

During your consultation, the photographer you are talking to should mention their booking process so you can learn about what to expect if you are interested in moving forward.

My answer: During consultations, I always let potential clients know what to expect if they are ready to book. If you are ready to book, I will ask which package are you wanting so I can send you a contract. I will send you the contract for you to look over. Once the contract is completed, the retainer due is 50% of the total cost.

9. Do you have insurance?

This is important. Ask if they have liability insurance and how much is it for. Most venues require more than 1 million. Some venues require proof of insurance so also ask if they can provide that.

My answer: I do have liability insurance. If your wedding venue requires proof of insurance, I will send that to your day of coordinator.

10. What do you enjoy about shooting weddings?

Ask this question to get insight on how they think creatively and what they love focusing on when photographing a wedding.

My answer: It’s hard for me to choose. I just love photographing moments. I love candids especially the ones that involve family. If I were looking back at my wedding, I would want moments with my loved ones and so I take extra photos of those for my couples.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

11. Is the retainer refundable?

The retainer is not refundable since it is to save the date for your wedding. In addition, photographers have to turn away couples interested in the day.

My answer: The retainer is not refundable and if you decide to reschedule your wedding to a year later you will have to pay a fee. If you have to reschedule, your date was reserved once and will have to be reserved for another day.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

12. Do you help couples create their wedding timeline?

Many photographers do this to help make sure the right amount of time for photos. It’s to ensure that there’s enough time to for the moments you love. If you only have a day of coordinator that comes with your venue, they only account the time that you are going to be present at the venue. When your photographer helps you with your timeline, they will take everything into account.

My answer: I love helping couples create their timeline. You will get a timeline questionnaire so I can see what you care about photographing. Most of my couples want a lot of candids so I make sure that I can fit more time with their loved ones.

13. How will you photograph the day of our wedding?

In my opinion this is truly important. By asking this question, you’ll learn what the photographer focuses on when shooting. After assisting other photographers on photographing weddings, some photographers focus on different things. While most wedding days are alike and most photographers photograph the same things, it’s a good question to ask.

My answer: I love emphasizing what matters to you. I will still capture everything about your day but if you want more photos with your family, I will make sure to get more of those than the details.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

14. Do you sell prints or albums?

One of the important questions to ask during consultations is what is included in the package. Oftentimes, prints and albums are not included but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

My answer: I sell albums or my gallery store and if you want me to design it, you can let me know. We will go back and forth until you like the design and then I will order your

15. How long does it take for you to deliver the photos?

After your wedding, you will be excited and eager to get your wedding photos. Ask this question to know when to expect your final gallery. Not all photographers give a sneak peek so you will have to wait weeks before you see your full gallery.

My answer: I send sneak peeks within 48 hours of your wedding. Expect to get your full gallery within 5-7 weeks.

16. Have you shot at our venue or one like it?

It’s understandable to want your photographer to have shot at your venue. However, it is not necessary. You can ask them if they have shot in your type of venue whether it is all indoors or even outside. I recommend looking at galleries that are similar to your venue.

17. Can you change your editing?

Before you book or even have your consultation with your photographer, look at their editing and ask yourself if you like it and if you would like all your wedding photos to have that edit. Please don’t expect your photographer to change their editing style. If you have been following them for a while and they change their editing style, it is understandable to ask this question. Over the years photographers change their editing style slightly.

My answer: I will only change the editing if my editing is too saturated. Some people don’t like too much saturation. However, I will not change my editing to be moody or light and airy. I am more comfortable editing vibrantly.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer

18. Are there any extra costs?

This question is a must. You don’t want to pay more than what you thought you were going to pay especially if you’re trying to budget the costs.

My answer: There will only be extra costs if there are travel fees or accommodation is required.

19. Do you have a payment plan?

Most photographers offer payment plans. Given that it is a large sum, it is easier for some to pay monthly so the final payment isn’t a large number.

My answer: I do offer payment plans. I want to make it as easy as possible and so you’re not stressing as your wedding date gets closer.

20. What happens if you are physically not able to photograph our wedding?

This is a great question to ask. Anything can happen at anytime and it is better to plan for the unexpected.

My answer: The only reason I will not be able to photograph your wedding, will be if I am at the hospital. Your wedding date is too important and that is the only reason I wouldn’t be there. If for some reason I am not able to photograph your wedding, one of my backup will show up. I am part of a community of photographers that will help each other if that ever happened.

If these 20 questions to ask your wedding photographer help you, check out my resource page to help you.

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