5 Scenic Southern California Beaches for Your Engagement Session

Leo Carillo State Park pictures

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With the tranquil hum of the Pacific as your soundtrack and the golden sand as your canvas, finding the perfect Southern California beach for an engagement session is like finding a dazzling diamond in a jewelry store. Let’s be honest, we live in an amazing place, and they’re all stunning. But I thought I’d share a bit of expert insight and offer a list of my very favorite locations for photo shoots. Each one displays its own unique charm and raw beauty, and most of these have plenty of space to spread out. If you’re a local, let’s book a weekday or an off-season date, so we have more room to ourselves (and fewer photobombers).

Picture this: brilliant California sunshine, sparkling waves, the occasional seagull photobomb (because those are cute). Beach photo sessions are the perfect opportunity to let your hair down, embrace childlike fun, and create portraits that are authentically you. But where do you go for your SoCal beach engagement session? Here are my favorites:

Best Southern California Beaches for Engagement Sessions

Leo Carillo State Park 

Leo Carillo’s beach is a hidden gem tucked along Malibu’s shoreline. It’s filled with rocky caves, stunning tide pools, and a sprinkling of starfish. Imagine capturing the moment of your engagement against a landscape that’s as uniquely beautiful and timeless as your love! Plus, the sunsets here will give you life. They paint the sky with hues that can give any artist a run for their money, and I absolutely love capturing it in romantic engagement sessions.

The great thing about Leo Carillo State Park is that it’s not just a beach; we can add variety to your photos as you explore the trails and diverse landscapes within the park.

RAT Beach

Next stop: RAT Beach. Don’t let the name fool you (it stands for “Right After Torrance”)! This beach located between Torrance Beach and Malaga Cove is a beautiful paradox of raw, untouched beauty and upscale neighborhood vibes. From the Palos Verdes cliffs to the endless blue Pacific, this beach promises tons of picture-perfect moments. Try an iconic, striking black-and-white shot here for an extra romantic feel.

Manhattan Beach

No, we aren’t in NYC, but Manhattan Beach is where urban chic meets beachy bliss. Think palm trees, cute shops, volleyball nets, and a pier that stretches into the horizon. The city skyline in the background adds a touch of urban glam to your engagement photos. And the sunsets? As with most of these beaches, they are the stuff of dreams!

Point Dume

Next up, Point Dume. It’s a cliff; it’s a beach; it’s a nature reserve. Point Dume is an all-in-one package for your engagement session. From the panoramic views from the cliff to the serene beach below and the stunning rock formations, every corner of this beach is a picture waiting to be taken.

Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Finally, Malibu Lagoon State Beach is the Hollywood of engagement session locations. Featured in countless movies and TV shows, it’s got that iconic, filmy California vibe. The historic Adamson House in the backdrop adds a touch of vintage charm to your contemporary love story.

Get Ready for Your Southern California Engagement Session

Each Southern California beach offers a unique aesthetic and ambiance that can add magic to your engagement photos. These aren’t just locations; they are experiences and memories. This engagement session documents the first chapter of your beautiful journey together, and it deserves the perfect setting.

Dreamy sunsets, striking landscapes, and a love story unfolding amidst it all—Southern California beaches are nothing short of magic. So, grab your love, your photographer (ahem, yours truly), and head out to these heavenly beaches. I guarantee every frame will be a masterpiece brewing with love, laughter, and the breathtaking beauty of SoCal.

Go on, start imagining. Start dreaming. But most importantly, start capturing those dreams.

Because every picture tells a story. YOUR story. And it’s time to make it EPIC.

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