Creating Lasting Memories: How to Prepare for a Family Maternity Photoshoot

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This sweet family decided to take their family maternity photoshoot to Old Meadows Park in Thousand Oaks, California. With a toddler underfoot and another little one on the way, having the freedom and space to romp around—plus the calming effect of the outdoors—was a must for this growing, busy family. I can’t think of a better location than this beautiful park with giant shade trees and wildflower meadows!

Preparing for a family maternity photoshoot is an exciting time filled with anticipation and joy. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the beauty and miracle of pregnancy while creating lasting memories you can look back on fondly. From choosing the right location to getting younger kiddos excited, I’ve got a few tips to ensure an enjoyable photoshoot experience. Whether you’re planning an intimate session with your partner or including the whole family, there’s something for everyone. I can’t wait to help you create beautiful and heartfelt family maternity photos you are proud to display!

Choosing the perfect location for your family maternity photoshoot

Choosing the right location for your family maternity photoshoot will set the tone for encouraging cherished memories. Consider a place that holds sentimental value or reflects your family’s personality. Whether it’s a whimsical garden, a sandy beach, a local park, or your own cozy home, find a place that feels special. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting the perfect location:

1. Meaningful Settings

Choose a location that holds special meaning to your family. It could be where you got engaged, a park where you love to spend time together, or maybe your backyard. A meaningful setting will create a more personal and intimate atmosphere for your photoshoot.

2. Scenic Beauty

Consider locations that offer stunning natural backdrops. Gardens, beaches, or local markets lined with colorful buildings can provide a beautiful and unique setting for your family maternity photoshoot. The scenic beauty of these locations will enhance the overall aesthetic of your photos and make them more visually captivating.

3. Versatility

Choose a location that offers a variety of backdrops within the vicinity to capture different moods and styles in your photos. For example, a park with open fields and wooded areas will provide a range of settings for your family maternity photoshoot.

*If you have a little one with you, think of places you know they will enjoy so we get allll the smiles.

Preparing your family for the photoshoot: getting children involved and excited

As a mama myself, I know that preparing your family, especially young children, can make a big difference in your overall experience. Here are some tips to help you get your children involved and excited about your family maternity session:

1. Communicate the Importance

If they’re old enough, explain the significance of the photoshoot and how it will capture memories of this time in their lives. Share the excitement of welcoming a new sibling and how much fun it will be to look at these photos together. Talking about tit may help them feel more involved and excited.

2. Involve Them in the Planning

Let your children be a part of the planning process. Allow them to “choose” their own outfits—with your guidance—or suggest fun props they would like to include, maybe a special stuffed animal. By involving them in the decision-making, they will feel more invested and enthusiastic about the photoshoot.

3. Make it Fun

Create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during the photoshoot. Incorporate games, activities, or even a picnic to keep your children engaged and entertained. (Snacks or a promised ice cream outing after is never a bad idea, either. 😉) This will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved and result in more natural and joyful photos.

I’m here to help you create lasting memories for your growing family. From choosing the perfect location to capturing natural and candid moments, the key is to embrace the joy and excitement of this sweet yet fleeting time in your lives. So, gather your loved ones, get creative, and let the magic unfold as you create beautiful and heartfelt family maternity photos.

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