LACMA Lights Engagement Session: The Perfect LA Venue for Photoshoots

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There’s something exceptional about engagement photos; they capture that sweet spot between saying “yes” to a proposal and the journey to saying “I do.” They’re a glittering testament to love, hope, and dreams, sealed in a snapshot forever. With its eclectic blend of stunning architecture, mesmerizing installations, and historic appeal, LACMA provides a wide array of captivating backgrounds for your engagement photo shoot. Whether you’re a die-hard art lover, an ardent admirer of beautiful landscapes, or simply someone seeking a unique location for an unforgettable photo shoot, LACMA has you covered. This cute couple decided to stick around the romantic LACMA lights for their sunset and blue-hour engagement session.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is more than just a museum; it’s an eclectic canvas where your love story can come alive. Better yet, LACMA offers numerous public spaces where you can capture these precious memories with no additional fee. Here’s a sneak peek into the mesmerizing locales you can explore for your engagement photo session.

Free LACMA Attractions for Your Museum Photo Shoot

Cantor Sculpture Garden

The Cantor Sculpture Garden is a must-visit. Immerse yourselves in the lyrical beauty of this garden oasis featuring enchanting sculptures. It’s like stepping into a Midsummer Night’s Dream with a modern twist. The lush greenery and art pieces seamlessly blend to create a unique setting that will give your pictures an air of sophistication.

LACMA Urban Lights

Then there’s the LACMA Lights, an iconic outdoor installation featuring 202 restored antique street lamps. This spot has been the backdrop of many Hollywood movies, and now it can play a starring role in your love story. The enthralling spectacle of light and shadow that comes alive at dusk will add a cinematic touch to your photos. Check on the light status here.

Language of the Birds Installation
(available until June 30, 2024)

These gray, featherless birds are suspended near the Levitated Mass at the Resnick North Lawn (another creative photo opportunity). As they hover overhead, the stark migration begs you to ask what they may symbolize. They’re a unique artistic touch for photos, for sure!

LACMA Grounds & Gardens

Nature meets art in these breathtaking grounds and gardens. LACMA is located within 30-acre Hancock Park, which is also home to the prehistoric La Brea Tar Pits & Museum as well as the Academy of Motion Pictures. Capture candid moments amidst serene landscapes and architectural marvels, or pose against a backdrop of blossoming flowers and expansive lawns.

Resnick Pavillion & Lawn

The modern, geometric design of the Pavilion, coupled with the expansive lawn, offers a diverse range of photo opportunities.

Indoor Photo Shoot at the LACMA Art Museum & Galleries

Tap into your creativity with personal photography, including engagement photos, inside the museum. Simply coordinate a reservation time with me, pay the entrance fee, and we’re free to photograph your story amidst the ever-changing exhibits and galleries at LACMA. Use these dynamic settings as the backdrop for a chic and sophisticated editorial shoot. 

Tip: The chic Modern Art Gallery, illuminated Miracle Mile, and massive Band Sculpture offer different aesthetics for unique photos.

Best Time to Visit LACMA for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. The best times to visit LACMA for a photo shoot are weekday mornings or late afternoons when the museum is less crowded. This way, you can have more space and freedom to capture your precious moments without interruptions.

Engagement Photo Shoots at LACMA Lights

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art isn’t just about appreciating art; it’s about creating your own. So why not transform your engagement into a masterpiece with a photo shoot with some LACMA lights magic? Your love story deserves nothing less.

Los Angeles Photo Sessions with Magaly Barajas Photography

Get in touch with me to start planning your Los Angeles engagement session or couple’s photo shoot! I’m happy to offer location and dress guidance, and you can find plenty of inspiration on my blog and Instagram, too! I hope to meet you soon and hear more about your extraordinary love story. 

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