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These two love birds entered a whimsical world of love and literature with an engagement photoshoot at LA Central Library. This enchanting location provided the perfect backdrop for their love story, special connection, and personalities. Standing tall in the heart of Los Angeles, this architectural marvel is steeped in history and literary charm. 

The LA Central Library is a haven for bookworms and hopeless romantics alike. Its grand architecture and rich literary heritage blended seamlessly with this couple’s love for literature and each other. 

In a quest to capture their chemistry, we couldn’t resist the allure of this iconic library. From the towering colorful bookshelves to intimate reading rooms and landscaped grounds, every nook exuded a unique charm for personalized engagement photos. As they wandered hand in hand among the stacks, we showcased their love amid the pages of timeless classics and hidden literary gems.   

If you envision a filmy, nostalgic feel for your engagement photos, this unique library will transport you to a bygone era where love stories were born and treasured. Each page you turn and every whispered word at LA Central Library will captivate your heart and stir your imagination. Get swept away in a literary love affair with your other half for a sweet and memorable photo session. I’m head over heels for these sweet and flirty library engagement photos, and I hope you are, too!

Planning a LA Central Library Engagement Photoshoot

Planning a library engagement photoshoot requires some planning and coordination. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when planning a photoshoot at the DTLA Library:

Obtain Permissions

Before scheduling the photoshoot, contact the library and inquire about any required guidelines, permissions, or photography permits. Some libraries may have restrictions on photography or specific areas that are off-limits.


Consider scheduling the photoshoot on a day and time when the library is less crowded to allow for a more intimate and uninterrupted experience. Early mornings or weekdays are often quieter times to capture the library’s magic.


Coordinate your outfits to complement the library’s aesthetic. Consider incorporating elements of literature into their attire, such as a subtle book-themed accessory to add a personal touch and enhance the overall theme of the shoot. The library has a lot of neutral tones, so you may want to avoid those. This couple’s green, white, and denim styles worked perfectly—they balanced each other and stood out against the library’s beige undertones.


Natural light is often the most flattering, so we’ll try to find a spot where the library’s windows bring in soft, diffused light. However, I really enjoyed the filmy, vintage look of the shots between the rows of books. Later, we went outside to catch some brighter sunlit shots in the garden and glowing golden-hour portraits. The lighting in each space created an eclectic variety of ambiance and moods, so it was almost like having three locations without the commute!

Poses & Compositions

It can feel a bit awkward to smile and pose in a library. Instead, go ahead and interact with the books and each other. Explore the library’s nooks and crannies, and I’ll sneak a shot of you cozied up with a book for more authentic and memorable moments.

Posing & Capturing Cinematic Shots

On that note, posting and capturing the perfect shots during a library engagement photoshoot requires a balance between spontaneity and direction. Here are a few ways I’ll infuse creativity into your library session:

  • Incorporate the library’s built-in elements and aesthetics.
  • Dynamically capture the candid moments.
  • Play with perspectives & angles. 
  • Utilize available natural light.
  • Incorporate film & digital photography.
  • Incorporate props within the setting (i.e., books, benches, chairs, tables, shelves).
  • Edit with care to maintain the organic mood & natural beauty (no elaborate filters needed!)

Los Angeles Central Library Sessions

Time seems to stand still when you’re wrapped up in a good book. It’s the same way with true love. Everything else fades away when you’re with your best friend and other half. If you feel the same way and love literature, a library photoshoot may be just what you need! Get in touch with me to book your session.

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