Preparing for your wedding photos

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Like most people getting married, this is most likely your first time getting ready and there’s so much that goes into weddings. So much information that gets to be overwhelming. Having photographed over 100 weddings, there are some things I have seen that I know will help couples getting married. The truth about weddings is that it goes by so fast. In order to get all the moments you want captured and to be present, you need to plan it out. Preparing for your wedding photos means you’ll know what to do to get the best wedding photos. Discuss it with your planner or day of coordinator and your wedding photographer. They will work on the timeline to make sure to fit everything

During getting ready

Preparing for your wedding photos during getting ready is truly important. This sets the day. Being prepared during this time ensures you will be able to enjoy it instead of rushing because of the time. Below are five tips that will best prepare you for better getting ready photos.

  • Think about the special moments with your loved ones and consider doing something with them. This can be anything from first looks, praying, etc.
  • Have all of the details you want photographed ready so your photographer can start with that as soon as they arrive. If you want photos of your bridesmaid dresses, have those hanging together.
  • If you have matching robes, have everyone wearing them so you can get photos together before everyone starts getting ready.
  • Make sure you clean up the room so you won’t have to worry about that when your photographer starts taking photos.
  • If you decide to have a first look, this will help you get more time together. The wedding day is filled with spending time with your loved ones that getting those moments with your partner will be worth it.
  • If possible, choose a room with a window. It’s important to have good lighting for your getting ready photos.

During the Ceremony

This is one of the most important parts of your day. I mean, you make it official in front of your loved ones. It’s a pretty big deal. Below are some tips I have to prepare you to have the best photos of your ceremony.

  • Take a deep breath and smile down the aisle. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everyone looking at you and hold your composure. Trust me, you’ll want to look at photos of you smiling. 
  • During your rehearsal, make sure you are standing in the middle so during your ceremony, you know you will be in the middle. Your photos will be slightly off if you’re not.
  • If your officiant is going to use a microphone, make sure to tell your coordinator to remember to move the microphone stand from the aisle. If they’re aren’t going to use the stand, it just gets in the way and will be in all of your photos.
  • Have your maid of honor fix your dress and grab your bouquet. 
  • Look at each other. It’s easy to look at your officiant since they are speaking but your guests will only see the back of your faces
  • During your first kiss, kiss longer than 3 seconds. You don’t want your photographer to potentially miss it. 
  • If you’re going to have a grand exit, have someone in charge of reminding your guests to either have the bubbles or flowers ready. 
  • Walk slowly on your way out.
  • Don’t forget to kiss again before the end of the aisle. This time you can even include a dip. 

During the reception

Ah, the reception. You get to enjoy the rest of the night with your loved ones. While most of this time you get to enjoy the night. If you have wedding traditions, your coordinator will get you whenever it is time to do them. Aside from that, you will get to enjoy the night.

  • After the ceremony, it is important that you stay close to each other so you can get photos together. It is easy to be separated as you are chatting with your guests that you haven’t seen in a while. 
  • Show your excitement as your loved ones are cheering for you during your grand entrance. Feel their love on your walk. 
  • During speeches, have the speakers standing next to you so your guests only have to look at one direction. 
  • Figure out if you are going to want your loved ones watching you cut the cake. It is not always announced and you have the choice on that. 
  • Take a moment to dance together. Not everyone is a big dancer so if you don’t want photos, you don’t have to but it is nice to get those photos if you want some.
  • Group photos. If you want photos with all your guests, after the grand entrance and before dinner is the perfect time to go and get photos with your guests. 
  • You can choose to go to each table, thank them for attending your wedding, and then take a picture. (This way you have candids as well) or they can go to the sweet heart table and you can take pictures there
  • Don’t forget to tell your photographer of any photos you want before they leave.

Preparing for your wedding photos will make a difference. You’ll be able to look back on your day and just enjoy the day without regretting anything.

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