Sunset Vasquez Rocks Session

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Cindy and Frank chose to have their engagement session at Vasquez rocks. This place is a beautiful desert landscape that has been a part of many movies. Sunsets here are completely magical. I have been here so often and the scenery still amazes me. I love walking all over the park to get different backgrounds and love ending a session a bit after sunset.

Cindy and Frank were so funny and we got along so well. They were so goofy and made the whole session so much fun. Cindy told me she was nervous before the session since it was her first one but look at them. You can see their wedding here.

Choosing the Perfect Location at Vasquez Rocks

Choosing the perfect location for an engagement session is crucial to the success of the shoot. For this couple, the wild beauty of Vasquez Rocks was the perfect choice. Located in Los Angeles County, Vasquez Rocks is a unique geological formation that features stunning rock formations and breathtaking vistas. It’s a popular location for film and television productions, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking and rock climbing. When selecting the location for the shoot, I suggested we scout out a few different spots at Vasquez Rocks to find the perfect backdrop for each shot. We walked around the park, taking note of different rock formations and scenic areas. We also paid attention to the lighting and how it would change throughout the day. By doing this, we were able to find the perfect locations and angles for each shot, and we were able to take advantage of the natural beauty of Vasquez Rocks. Choosing the perfect location for the shoot was crucial to capturing the essence of the couple’s love and their adventurous spirit. By choosing Vasquez Rocks, we were able to create a stunning and unique backdrop that perfectly complemented their personal style.

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