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vasquez rocks engagement

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This Vasquez rocks engagement session with Adriana and Uciel was simply amazing!

If you’re thinking about having your engagement session at Vasquez Rocks, DO IT! This location has everything. Rock formations, desert vibes, and killer sunsets. It doesn’t look like it’s big, but it is. There are so many awesome spots to choose from so we just walked all around. It wasn’t busy when we went but we went towards the back and there wasn’t anyone there. Not only that but it’s a very popular place but that doesn’t mean it will look like the other pictures taken here. No matter how many times you go there, it always feels new. Definitely, a place I recommend for a session.

Fun fact: If you have your session during sunrise and sunset, you have to park your car outside of the gates and walk inside. The gates close about 30 minutes before sunset. It’s about a 10 -15 minute walk (it depends how fast you walk) but it is so worth it.

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